Potato Growing Tips

My potato crop was a little light this year, so I thought I'd give myself a potato growing refresher:
  • Rotate planting location on a 3 year cycle (you need 3 sites if you want to plant potatoes every year).
  • Allow your seed potatoes to sprout ("chitting") by keeping them in a warm, dry and dark place for a few days, before planting.
  • Cut seed potatoes into small pieces, ensuring that each piece has at least one eye (sprout).
  • Plant as soon as the soil can be worked, but warmer than 45F/8C.
  • Plant in loose soil, not too damp (good drainage), slightly acidic.
  • Potatoes like full sun.
  • Plant 3 inches deep and 12 inches apart.
  • Water early in the day so that the leaves have time to dry before the evening (if the plants stay wet they can be subject to rot).
  • Once plants have flowered and the blossoms have died, that's a sign that there are potatoes ready to harvest. Simply dig through the soil with your hands until you find them.
  • FYI - potato greens are highly toxic, and should never be eaten. The same is true of green potato skin. If you dig up some spuds that are still partially green, either cut away all the green before you eat them, or dispose of them.
Upon reviewing the above, I think what I can do next year to improve my harvest is to change my planting location. I have a very sunny spot that would be perfect! At the moment I have cucumbers and zucchini growing there, but our family eats far more potatoes. Next year that will be my new potato spot :)

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