Nonstop Mocca Yellow Begonia

Here's another addition to my front garden! It is a Nonstop Mocca Yellow Begonia. It's a new floral for me, so I thought I'd do some research to aid in its care. Here's what I found out about Begonias:

  • They like well drained soil, as they will rot if they become too moist, but the soil should not be left to dry out completely between watering.
  • They like sun, but should be protected from the most intense sun if your climate is hot and dry.
  • Bring inside before first frost, but not into a room that's too warm.
  • When you bring them inside, start with the sunniest location you can find and then gradually allow them to get used to reduced amounts of light.
  • Zones: 3-11 (Annual in zones 3-8; Perennial in zones 9-11).
  • Tubers can be saved over the winter to start new plants the following year.
  • Leave foliage in place after blooming has finished for the season, as the leaves can continue to generate food for the bulbs/tubers. Foliage can be cut back once it turns yellow.
  • Begonias can be propagated from cuttings.

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