I have yet another addition to my garden! I bought a small Aster plant recently, and now wish I'd bought two or three. I chose this colour (see picture) because it's my daughter's favourite :) Here is some information about Asters:

  • They are late bloomers, brightening up the garden in late summer and fall, and blooming until frost.
  • They attract butterflies, moths, bees, and even birds if they're left to go to seed.
  • They are perennials :)
  • If you divide your Aster plant every two or three years, it's appearance will benefit. Divide plants in the spring once they have finished blooming: remove older less healthy areas and replant the fresh, newer growth.
  • Watch out for powdery mildew: don't crowd plants, as this will prevent air circulation, and try to keep the leaves dry when watering.
  • Asters can be propagated from seeds or cuttings (at the moment I have a cutting from the plant I bought, in some water :)
  • Asters can grow in zones 4 - 8.
  • They prefer full sun.
  • "Aster" is Greek for "star".

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