Fine Wine Weigela Florida Bramwell

I planted my Weigela shrub in a shady spot, and as it turns out they prefer full sun (oops!). It should do well in the location I've put it, it just won't flower as much. (Note to self - research first!) It's one thing to plant an annual in a less than ideal spot because the following year you can amend this, but a perennial shrub... I suppose I could try moving it, but I don't want to risk killing it. Besides, it should be just fine where it is.

I bought it at the end of August (when everything is on sale ;) so it has no blossoms in this photograph - just beautiful rich green and burgundy leaves (love it!). I can't wait to see it in bloom, at which point I'll take more pictures.

Weigela info:

  • Deciduous (so when it loses it's leaves in the winter I won't panic ;)
  • Perennial.
  • Can be pruned after flowering.
  • Prefers well drained, moist soil, with a PH range of 6.8 - 7.7 (no coffee grounds for this plant!)
  • Attracts butterflies and hummingbirds.
  • Prefers full sun to flower more, but they will tolerate some dappled shade.
  • Cold weather hardy to -20F/-30C

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  1. Beautiful weigela, I added 2 purple weigelas this year (Midnight Wine & Tango), as well as one variegated one. I really hope they do well over the winter, I am in zone 4 but sometimes our winters are more like Z3. I am also a newish gardener, just wanting to keep track of my garden & pregress. Lovely asters too, I bought some this year and really appreciate the colourful flowers into fall. :)

    Just a note, the suggested time to relocate a shrub is the fall, so you would probably be ok to move it now. I have relocated plants within the first month or 2 after planting, and they seem fine. I have mine in part shade, and I don't expect them to flower profusely, but their foliage is lovely and some flowers would be an added bonus. We'll see what happens next year!

  2. Thanks - I didn't know that fall is the best time to relocate a shrub. Maybe I'll think some more about moving it. Mind you, the last time I moved something (Ornamental Cabbage), it died... oops ;) Although I'm guessing some plants can be moved and some can't? Try and learn, I suppose.

  3. I think a lot depends on how established they are, the newer they are the easier they are to move. Does ornamental cabbage overwinter well in your area? I'm pretty sure it's an annual here, so it wouldn't be expected to survive a fall relocation. If you do relocate in fall don't fertilize, but water well and you can add some bone meal to the hole before planting. Many 'sun' plants do well in shade or part shade, and appreciate relief from the hot sun. You might want to leave it and see how it does next summer, it may surprise you! :)