How To Extract Marigold Seeds

I wrote an earlier post about how to get next year's seeds from dried Marigold flowers, but now I actually have pictures, so I thought I'd post about it again:

1) Pick the dead flowers from the plant and put them somewhere to dry completely.
2) Separate the top and bottom portion.
3) Open up the bottom portion to reveal the seeds.
4) Take the seeds out. Make sure they're completely dry before you store them in a sealed container (to prevent mold from growing).

That's it!

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  1. Very nice article, pictures made it practically informative...........i like it and recommend every one to read :)

  2. This post brings back so many memories of me and my sister pulling out the seeds from our Marigolds. If only all flower seeds were as easy to harvest.

  3. Hortist - thanks :) Azplantlady - I know what you mean - I tried finding seeds in my mums but it wasn't nearly as easy!! I couldn't find anything that looked like a seed... lol